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Hi, you guys. I put up a public Patreon post yesterday intended to lure in new supporters. The main lure is that I promised to let supporters see early chapters of Going North in November,  by which time I'd be confident that said chapters would not be undergoing any more radical alteration.

I really dislike doing this. I feel terrible when I can't support people I want to support, or can't shower money on them rather than providing a dollar a month. And yet from the other side, every $1 supporter is so valuable to me that I have continual difficulty in remembering that there is an awards structure and that people who are able and willing to support me for more than that are supposed to get extra perks.

ANYWAY, I don't want to make anybody feel guilty or anxious, or obliged in any way, except that, if it isn't inconvenient and you haven't already done so as a result of my posting the link on Twitter, you might spread the word a little further. If you can't or don't, no guilt need obtrude, not the slightest.

Here's the link to the public post on Patreon:

Raphael and I are hoping to go hiking later this week, so I intend my next post to be another phenological one rather than this kind of thing.

Thank you.


Date: 2017-09-11 11:12 pm (UTC)
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I've finally signed up for a dollar a month, now that someone in the visual arts has finally driven me to create a Patreon account. (I've thought of it before but I'd look at the site and go "Argh! One.More.Password!!! Argh!" and a dollar isn't very much, after all, even if it is all I can afford. Thinking I should quit my ten dollar gym membership now that my shoulder is so bad, but I can actually afford one more dollar a month.)

I have enjoyed everything you've written so much, and I've only bought the books once, in paperback (they're pretty shabby by now) so this is more of a thank you for the past than a please hurry up the future.

Mary Anne in Kentucky


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