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Auctions for Con or Bust are live now. You can get signed prints by Terri Windling, handmade scarves and shawls in gorgeous colors, a set of Sherwood Smith's Inda books, dozens more books of all sorts, from ARCs to old paperbacks, a critique of your fiction from a professional, and, though I don't happen to have seen any in my first pass, probably cookies.

Here is where:

And this is what:

"Con or Bust is administered by the Carl Brandon Society, a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to increase racial and ethnic diversity in the production of and audience for speculative fiction. Con or Bust isn't a scholarship and isn't limited by geography, type of con-goer, or con; its goal is simply to help fans of color go to SFF cons and be their own awesome selves."

I am hoping to put a couple of books up myself, but feel it would be better to locate them first and then offer them. If I manage to put an auction together, I'll post here to let you guys know. In the meantime, there is no shortage at all of amazing things to bid on.

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"So often in the classics we grew up with, women are peripheral players in some hero's journey. What I wanted to do with the Alecto! Alecto! EP is write love songs to gorgons and sorceresses, furies and queens, infamous leaders, monsters, nymphs, and to Circe, the awesomest witch in the western world. I wanted to celebrate their power, swoon over their cleverness, and retell their myths with all the sexy, gritty, cheeky modernity at my disposal."

The wildly versatile and talented [ profile] csecooney is running an Indiegogo campaign to produce two albums by an imaginary rock star. What I've quoted above was enough for me, but here is the link for more information.

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[ profile] daedala needs to find a good home or homes for her two cats. I have met these cats and looked after them, and I totally vouch for their cuteness, their affectionate natures, and their skill at wacky highjinks. Nyx is a black short-haired cat; she's three. Dippy is a brown long-haired cat; she is five. They get along fine, but do not have to be adopted together. Here's the link with details:

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I don't play cards, or any games at all, but I backed this Kickstarter anyway because Laramie is a very talented artist, and I expect to get lots of pleasure just from looking at the cards.  People with more normal human instincts should enjoy the game, however; it's related to Uno and Zar, but much prettier to look at, and with other improvements as well.  I've known Laramie for decades and always enjoyed her art.  Please give this a look if you like games, fantastical art, or both.  It's a very difficult economy for nearly everybody, and in some ways particularly hard for creative people trying to make it on their own -- but you can donate as little as a dollar.  The campaign has 15 days left to run.

Here's the link:

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Nothing like this has ever happened before, so it's very exciting.  Here's the link to The Online Photographer, where the print sale is happening:

And here's the link to David's LJ if you want a brief introduction:

There's a large print of the photo in our dining room, and I very seldom pass it by without at least glancing at it.  I am biased, naturally, but I think it's an amazing photo.  Do take a look and see if it's the kind of thing you like.

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[ profile] elisem is having a major sale of everything.  Beauty, sorrow, whimsy, anger, joy, and contemplation, in pretty much any combination you could desire.  With titles that make stories start up in your head.  Go look.  And if you cannot buy, go ahead and comment.  I have one and a half necklaces that I could not afford because I remarked on them longingly and kind generous people bought and gave them to me.  You never know.  Besides, it is good for the Lioness to have the comments.

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Having just said in my previous post that I am mostly an all -[ profile] elisem, all the time jewellery wearer, I thought I'd better post this.

Elise is having a sale to celebrate her birthday.  Do go look.  It's cheering just to gaze on her amazing pieces and see the titles that she gives them, each one a tiny story all on its own.

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Here's the link:

Soleil needs to be the only cat in a household. Just about everybody who wants a cat seems to already have one or several, but if you are in the general area of the Twin Cities, Minnesota, are catless, and want a really beautiful sweet cat, check out the photographs and the situation.

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Originally posted by [ profile] kate_nepveu at Con or Bust NOW taking requests for July-September cons!
Con or Bust is pleased to announce that as of this very moment, and through May 31, fans of color/non-white fans may request assistance to attend SFF cons in July, August, and September 2011.

Because there was no advance notice that we'd be taking requests, please repost and link to this post far and wide so that people know that assistance is possible. I will announce the precise amount after WisCon, but a minimum of $700 will be available to help fans of color attend cons for the next three months, plus two memberships to Renovation.

These cons are taking place in July-September and are supporting Con or Bust:
  • Renovation, the 2011 WorldCon, Reno, Nevada, USA, August 17-21 (donated memberships);
  • Readercon, Burlington, Massachusetts, USA, July 14-17 (donated money).
Read this post for how to request assistance. Donate con memberships by e-mailing Donate money with a PayPal account or credit card with this button:

Or learn more about Con or Bust generally. And thank you for your help in spreading the word!

Updated May 23, 2011.

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Via [ profile] ginmar:

First, in Austin, Texas, cats need a home FAST. The owner will drive up to 250 miles to deliver a cat, and it's okay to offer to just foster a cat until she can find a permanent home. Here's the link:

Second, a rescue organization for large dogs is having hard times, like many of us:

I don't generally make New Year's resolutions, but I am hoping to be better at passing on links like these, in the coming year -- not just for animal rescue, but for various splendid things that people are doing, particularly writing. For now, however, cats and dogs.

I am still working on my reports of road trips in August, October, and November, and it is very odd to be writing about blazing, humid days on the shore of Lake Superior when the snow is coming down outside.

A merry Christmas to those who celebrate, and a painless survival for those who don't, or who can't celebrate as they'd like.



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