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There are fifteen days to go on the Cats Laughing Reunion Kickstarter. They've put up another video with remarks by Jane Yolen, a few new ones by Neil Gaiman, and some by the band as they reminisce and start to put things together again -- not to mention a startling new goal with a very startling reward.

The video is great fun, and if you happen to be in a better position to donate now than you were last time I pestered you about this, there's still plenty of time.

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Many of my friends were in many bands during the 1980's and 1990's, and I liked all and loved some of them. But Cats Laughing was special. They did songs from Emma Bull's novel War for the Oaks. They did a song written by John M. Ford. They did varied and wondrous originals by other band members. They did seriously amazing harmonies. And now they want to have a reunion.

Do take a look. If money is tight, as it is for lots of us, you can become a backer for very little of it. Or for more, if you wish and are able. Neil Gaiman says it's a good idea! David was heavily involved in providing images and in shooting the video, which means my own emotional investment is even higher, but it would be pretty high even without that. If even a little money is too much -- and believe me, I understand that all too well -- boosting the signal is a fine thing to do too.

And here's a YouTube link to "Black Knight's Work," the song they did that Mike Ford wrote. Extra bonus for me: It's a Liavek song, though you don't need to know anything about Liavek to appreciate it.

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First off, Tiptree Award winner and transcendent speaker Nisi Shawl is experiencing a family medical emergency -- her mother is in the hospital and she has to travel unexpectedly during the holidays. You can donate at her website, (scroll down to the bottom).

And next, [ profile] mizkit, also known as C.E. Murphy, is Kickstarting a different kind of urban fantasy series. This is the link to the Kickstarter:

What really made me regret that I have no money at the moment, however, was this LJ post about the process of creating the series, which is, of course, still going on and will be until the series is done, or possibly even after that, writing being what it is:

So I pass this on to those who might be in a better position to help make this series happen. I would very much like to read it. Also, backers get fudge.

I had five or six other things on my list, but see to my great consternation that it is too late to boost their signals because various deadlines have passed. At least the ones I checked on did seem to get funded. I am covered in confusion and apologize profusely. My default view is that I reach about twenty people, all of whom have plenty of opportunity to get this information elsewhere, because they all read what I read. This is demonstrably not true, but try telling my brain that. (If you think you know who you are, you probably do.)

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If you are friends or fans of Becca Leathers and Graham Leathers: they could use a bit of help right now. Their PayPal address is Every little bit will help at the moment.

That's all I know.


Some links

Aug. 21st, 2013 06:36 pm
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Edited to add: [ profile] lsanderson has kindly provided working links in the first comment.

Or, actually, no links, because LJ is persistently borking them. But the user links to journals work all right, and you shouldn't have to scroll down far.

First, via [ profile] ginmar, [ profile] adelheide is having a jewellery sale. I am mostly an all-[ profile] elisem, all the time kind of person when it comes to jewellery, but some of this stuff is really gorgeous. And [ profile] adelheide's car needs new brakes.

Second, [ profile] lydy, my co-wife and housemate of 18 years and counting, has written a series of posts about the life-saving and empowering effects of food stamps, which program and its effects altogether too many politicians are trying to cripple or eradicate. The posts should be read in the order they were written, so find "The Farm Bill" first, and then "Talking to Republicans" and finally "The Case for Institutions."

I'm sorry I can't provide links. I have no idea what LJ is up to. I've done this before. I have a new computer and a weird new operating system (Windows 8), but it shouldn't affect plucking a link from the address bar, should it? Anyway, LJ is correcting the links by adding "preview" in there and then if you click on the improved link you get a Google window saying the website is not found. Yargh.



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