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Somewhat belatedly, here's my Minicon programming schedule:

Friday, 11:30 AM (ugh) Krushenko's: The Scribblies Interview of GoH Jane Yolen. Emma Bull, Jane Yolen, Nate Bucklin, Pamela Dean, Patricia C. Wrede, Steven Brust.

Saturday, 11:30 AM (UGH), Krushenko's: Recreating the Fairy Tale

Fairy tales are in their own quirky way more prominent now than in past years. They are simply everywhere - they have infiltrated poetry, novellas, novels, musicals, TV, advertising, movies, music... and there seems no stopping them. They are imagined, re-imagined, stood on their heads, flung into outer space, moved into the twenty-first century and beyond. What is it about the fairy tale that makes it so compelling? Where will we take them (or they take us) next? Adam Stemple, Elise A. Matthesen, Emma Bull, Jane Yolen, Pamela Dean, Will Alexander.

Saturday, 4:30 PM (YAY), Veranda 1/2, Pamela Dean Reading.

All of these, but particularly the reading, are up against some heavy competition from other interesting programming.

I will probably be reading from a short story that a few people will have heard me read a snippet of at Wiscon several years ago. It is not, alas, finished yet, because it keeps throwing out novel-like tendrils from its rootstock and I have to keep cutting them back. It is about Con and Beldi in the city of the astronomical werewolves. There is a lot more of it than there was, and Minicon audiences are extremely kind and long-suffering and let me use them as guinea pigs for works in progress.

Hope to see some of you there.


ETA: Editorial commentary on the times provided by yours truly; there is no arcane system of acronyms employed by Minicon that I am aware of.

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Somewhat belatedly, this is my Fourth Street programming schedule:

ETA: Both of these panels are on Saturday.

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM The Heroine's Journey, Revisited

Elizabeth Bear (Moderating), Dana Baird, Lois McMaster Bujold, Pamela Dean, Fade Manley, Lynne Thomas

What sorts of differences tend to crop up between heroic narratives based on the protagonist's gender? What sorts of consequences, in terms of tropes invoked and shifts in reader responses, tend to follow when we gender-swap characters, or put women into traditionally "male" roles (e.g. Nyx in Kameron Hurley's Bel Dame Apocrypha) and vice-versa?


5:00 PM – 6:00 PM Fantasy of Discovery
Ellen Klage (Moderating), Pamela Dean, Tappan King,Caroline Stevermer, Patricia C. Wrede

Some fantasies (e.g. Pamela Dean's work, and Patricia C. Wrede's Thirteenth Child trilogy) focus less on traditional forms of conflict than on solving mysteries or uncovering how some part of the world works. What are this form's unique challenges and strengths, and why is it less common than more traditionally conflict-focused forms of fantasy? Obviously mystery plays a part in such works, but are genre mysteries really fantasies of discovery in the same sense as The Dubious Hills and other works in that vein?

David and I aren't listed as attending because there was some kind of glitch in the registration process that I failed to notice, so we'll have to register at the door. But we'll be there.

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FRI 8:30 PM Krushenko's

The Hero(ine)'s Quest

How three letters change the way we visualize the sword-bearer. Or should there be different rules/goals/spells for males and females on adventures? Or does asking this question make my butt look fat?

Peg Kerr, CJ Mills, Jane Yolen, Julie Czerneda, Pamela C. Dean


SAT 5:00-6:00 PM Veranda 1/2

READING Pamela Dean


SUN 1:00 PM Veranda 5/6

Which Came First

The chicken or the egg? The story or the world? Does the story you want to tell determine the setting, or does your chosen setting demand a certain kind of story to be told in it? Are there some types of stories that simply cannot be told in a particular setting? How do creators balance these seemingly opposing forces in imagining their tales?

Dana M. Baird, Jane Yolen, Marissa Lingen, Pamela C. Dean, Ruth Berman

I am amused to see that my old middle initial has been miraculously resurrected for the occasion. But not for the reading! Only for panels!

I'm not sure yet what I'll be reading. I've been working on a short story, but the bits may not connect up in an entertaining fashion. There is also new material for the Liavek novel, and a fair amount of never-read-aloud stuff from the still-in-limbo amazing and expanding shrinking novel variously known as Going North, Abiding Reflection, and My Poor Book. If you like, you may say in a comment what you would most like to hear. If I don't do what you ask, it will probably be because whatever it is doesn't work well for a reading.



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